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AMERICAN BIO ENGINEERS (ABE) was launched in 2009 by Mr. Brian K. Jones. As a professional mechanical engineer, Mr. Jones has been providing superior quality forensic expert opinions in the areas of accident reconstruction and biomechanics for almost 20 years. ABE currently provides the availability of 4 staff engineers to assist in more cost effective quality approaches and continues to expand. We are one of the premiere companies to turn to for all of your Biomechanical and Accident Reconstruction forensic needs.

Motor vehicle accident reconstruction, bio-mechanical analyses, slip/trip and fall analyses, and forensic animations/court exhibits are our primary specialties. ABE also performs in-depth analyses of all forms of accidents, including work place incidents and product defect occurrences. In general, ABE provides a wide range of accident reconstruction services, including litigation support immediately following an accident and continuing through the final court proceedings.