Forensic Animation

Forensic animation experts with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California.
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Forensic animation is the use of 3-D computer graphics to clearly illustrate complex concepts to a non-technical jury. HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment), 3DS Studio Max, and a VICON 12 camera motion capture system can be utilized to build vehicle and environment models, simulate real-world crashes, recreate exact human motion, and produce studio quality results.

  • Multi-Occupant Human Impact Simulation
  • Multi-Vehicle Collisions and Simulations
  • Tractor-Trailer Simulations
  • Simulation of Tire Blow-outs and Rollovers
  • Line of Sight Simulated from Driver's Perspective
  • 3D Environment Models Produced from 3D Laser Scan Data
  • Vehicle impacts utilize HVE SIMON 3D for validated results
  • Animations not involving motor vehicle occupant kinematics may utilize a VICON 12 camera motion capture system to model human motion and ensure accurate kinematics
  • Work place accidents
  • Medical illustrations for injury mechanism or surgical repair
  • Reconstruction of surveillance footage via camera matching to allow for multiple viewing angles

Visual presentations are extremely persuasive to juries as technical opinions are illustrated in conjunction with the verbal explanation. Additionally, animations are nearly 100% admissible since they convey an expert's opinion. Forensic animations can and will persuade a jury to accept your position by enhancing their understanding of the facts. Studies have shown that individuals who experienced a visual presentation in addition to a verbal presentation retained approximately 85% of the information as opposed to retaining only 10% with oral presentations alone.