Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

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Accident Reconstruction San Diego

Our accident reconstruction San Diego forensic experts are trained in evaluating all types of vehicle accidents. Once all physical evidence has been collected from an accident scene, our accident reconstruction San Diego team begin to reconstruct the events leading to the collision. Accident reconstruction can determine issues such as speed, collision severity, visibility, driver behavior and other related factors. American Bio Engineers analyze the following:
  • Speed of vehicle/vehicles prior to impact or skidding using laws of conservation of energy, conservation of momentum, principles of uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion, and computer simulators
  • Time vs. distance analysis
  • Angle of impact, orientation of vehicles prior to impact, and roadway position of impact
  • Accident scene 3D laser scanning, diagramming, and computer generated plots
  • Collision severity of low speed rear-end, front-end, and lateral or side-swipe impacts
  • Seat belt malfunction
  • Airbag malfunction
  • Computer Simulations/Animations
  • Vehicle Crash Data
Our accident reconstruction San Diego experts are prepared to serve as expert witnesses in legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony to law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in federal & state court trials.